Money Remittance Services


Remittance of money take place when currency of one country needs to be transferred to the other country’ s currency. I.E from US $ to Indian INR. So for any Non Resident of Indian, whenever any paid activity needs to be done by India, From India or to India, remittance is Must process,. And to make this process easier we have one step solution at

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Real Estate


Real estate simply doesn’t need any introduction. We at simplified the real estate sector by offering solutions to buy, let, sale, purchase of properties in India. Starting with Vadodara and gradually expanding to cover Pan India.

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we are aiming to promote “Make in India” concept. On this page you will see only products produce within India. And it comes up with good service, elegant colours and design. So to satisfy your thirst for India’s products and value. Please order it from here.

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Event Management


To avoid unwanted stress and last minute dilemma to your life’s best moments like social , corporate or any events. Look no further beyond this platform. Simply log on here and leave the details and we take care the rest. How is that? Sounds great isn’t it? So let’s complete the inquiry form.

It has been observed that in modern day lifestyle , people’s schedule almost hits 24/7 and thus found no time for preparation be it birthday, ring ceremony, or wedding and thus it lead to stress, and baffling or mini quarrels within family. So to avoid all pressures and to simply enjoy your life’s priceless moments like wedding, vaastu pujan , after death rituals or corporate events. Please log on to this page.

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Concierge Service


we are providing concierge services. We have extended upto highest possible level of services. Besides offering bouquet and gifts on anniversaries, birthdays and other special days. We also undertake government mediation. In nutshell, anything that has legal validity in India we will complete all of that for you. Think about establishing business. We are happy to assist. Think about Property buying ,maintenance and selling – we are happy to assist.

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Religious Service


Religion is strong back bone of India’s global image since it’s existence. As the life becomes faster, this formalities among masses has declined. So we found the solutions through the medium of technology .we at thrive to serve almost all hindu religious formalities from Birth to Death. By completing Panditji’s presence through video calling along with facility to perform puja at auspicious place like Chandod or at your home.

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Kids Services


Does your Kids glue to the mobile, laptop, or online unknown activities? Don’t worry, Now we have solutions for Kids online. Here at we thrive to teach your children tradition, values and among all connect with them through our roots. Do you feel missing on when it comes to passing your childhood games, stories, rhymes and tradition. Don’t worry. Now, here at we recreate complete solutions and your childhood memories for your children to grow with same values , enjoyment and learning as to your self and beyond that . So let you child now falls in love with computers, mobiles, tablets and whoever online connected gadgets. Just give them twist towards at kids section and be assure for harmless, innocent and value – knowledge addition to your generation next via us.

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Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism is a recent phenomenon in the world of medical care. We come up with FREE concept (Fastest, Reliable, Economical and Eficient) which will reduce time requirement and financial burden. From this technological platform.

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Travels And Tours


Tours and travels brings a change with cheers. On this e-commerce platform, you can book anything right from local cab to international flights with hotels and packages including honeymoon packages.

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